Blockchain for Social Good

The technology which supports many cryptocurrencies, known as blockchain, holds great promise for advancing social good. Blockchain is being explored and experimented with by a number of international aid agencies and foundations, such as Unicef, the World Bank, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Projects cover a variety of areas such as transparency of aid, international and […]

Keeping Up With Generation Z

While generational research is an inherently messy process, much of the recent research is awash in normative preconceptions, biases, and stereotypes. Generation Z deserves a fairer shake, and the rest of us need a more nuanced conversation: This group makes up a quarter of the population and by 2020 will account for 40% of all […]

Future Innovations In Digital Marketing

It isn’t hard to predict that future innovations will continue to shape the digital marketing landscape. We are now in a digital era where technologies have disrupted various traditional marketing methods and are continuing to do so. Let’s look deeper at how three technologies will impact digital marketing in the future. Before we dive in, here are some statistics: About 72 […]

over the air charging

Charging Over The Air: The First Trillion-Dollar Business?

Apple? Google? Sure, either of these companies could (by some projections (1, 2), in the not too distant future) reach a market cap of over $1 trillion. But are there other credible contenders? Could a company that doesn’t even exist yet win the race? Ubiquitous charging over the air, by which I mean truly wireless charging, would […]