Vacation, Location, Location

A 2013 study that examined mobile shopping activity across 20 retailers during Thanksgiving and Black Friday found that total mobile visits increased by 93 per cent, overall mobile transactions increased 219 per cent, and total revenue from mobile transactions increased by 368 per cent. Proximity marketing takes these location opportunities even further and gives small […]

Location-Aware Apps Will Change The Retail Experience

Mobile devices have revolutionised the shopping experience, but brick-and-mortar stores are still the prominent force in driving sales. Retailers are using location-based marketing techniques to optimise their in-store experiences with the most significant enhancements from location-aware technology. From driving foot traffic, to working as virtual shopping assistants, to offering exclusive access to coupons and other […]

Small Businesses Love Social Media

Fast-growing small businesses are embracing social media like never before, according to recent data–and LinkedIn still dominates as the platform of choice. The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth released a new study that shows the big-picture trends in social media use among the Inc. 500–the fastest growing private companies in […]

5 Content Marketing Trends For 2014

We’re not usually ones for lists of top trends but 2014 looks set to be a milestone year in digital marketing with content, mobile and location based marketing at the heart. The overarching theme for 2014 is quality over quantity. With the majority of businesses nationwide engaging in some form of content marketing, the key […]

Why LinkedIn should be your first port of call for B2B marketing

Since its launch 10 years ago, LinkedIn has become the first port of call for businesses wanting to use social media for B2B marketing, staff recruitment and disseminating industry information. But it comes low down the list of social platforms that brands consider for marketing to consumers, a situation the company is seeking to remedy. […]

7 Digital Marketing Opportunities for Small Businesses

For anyone who has been following trends in marketing of late, there will be no surprises in here. We’ve tried to pick 7 of the key opportunities and put some thought in to how they apply specifically to small businesses. 1. Real-time media buying The intersection of location awareness, social media, and mobility is finally […]

Improving Your Online Reputation

With the world getting more digital every day, users have become a lot more accustomed to the internet over the last couple of years, especially when it comes to parting ways with their cash. It is now very common to expect clients to have weighed their options online and asked for recommendations from their network […]