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5 Content Marketing Trends For 2014

We’re not usually ones for lists of top trends but 2014 looks set to be a milestone year in digital marketing with content, mobile and location based marketing at the heart. The overarching theme for 2014 is quality over quantity. With the majority of businesses nationwide engaging in some form of content marketing, the key to standing apart is to deliver compelling, customised, and relevant content to your customer. Engaging your customer-base in a meaningful conversation will generate more qualified leads. Based on this core idea, here are our predictions for 2014:

Content Will Shift from Automated to Meaningful

Google has changed the rules for content marketing. Content created for the sake of content, utilising optimised search words and phrases with no meaningful return will soon be a thing of the past, and impactful content will take the lead. It’s as simple as this: customers care about their interests, not yours.

Content Marketers Will Engage Customerss Like Never Before

To take this one step further, not only must the content be compelling, it must also be engaging to the customer. Twitter chats, Facebook campaigns, live-stream webinars, etc. will build more positive and personal relationships with customers, creating a space for those businesses that participate to stand apart from the rest.

Mobile-Optimised Content Marketing Will No Longer Be Optional

Mobile web usage is forecasted to surpass desktop usage by 2015, according to a recent Morgan Stanley study. More and more people are consuming media through smartphones and tablets, and content creators will need to evolve their strategies to account for these channels. Historically, “longer is better” as it relates to SEO and Google searches, but considering the attention span of mobile users, as well as Google’s new algorithms, a compromise is on the horizon: attention grabbing headlines, more concise lead-ins – anything to keep the mobile-using reader interested and invested.

Location-Based Content Marketing Will Be a Necessity for Brick and Mortar Businesses

We touched on it in a previous blog. Aaron Strout, co-author of ‘Location-Based Marketing for Dummies’ and head of the social commerce division of W2O group, laid out what he calls the Holy Trinity of an excellent marketing strategy: demographic, day-part, and location. Who your customer is and when he is viewing your advertising can be found through research; in fact, whole companies exist to determine these very patterns. But his location is something that can be determined immediately through GPS-enabled phones. So instead of casting a wide net and hoping for a 20% return, you can now target a qualified lead by offering incentives based on their location and frequency. Brick and mortar businesses emphasising location-based content marketing will definitely have the advantage in 2014.

Content Marketing Will Receive Greater Internal Support

For all of this to be possible, companies will be investing in content creators and experts. In June of this year Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom and regular contributor to Huffington Post and Forbes, wrote “If there’s one job title that will see immense growth in hiring this year, it’s the ‘Director of Content’…” To be a leader is to invest in a documented strategy, and to do that, companies will need to devote more resources to content marketing than ever before.

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